STOÏK’D Emergency Mylar Space Blanket (8-Pack)

Individually Packed Blankets

Different Uses

EIGHT (8) INDIVIDUALLY PACKED EMERGENCY MYLAR THERMAL BLANKETS: Originally developed for the NASA space program, these emergency thermal shock blankets are waterproof and windproof and can be used for both emergency and non-emergency situations such as camping, survival, hiking, used as a ground cover, shade, etc.

2 BONUS GIFTS INCLUDED ($40 Value): The silver mylar insulation helps hypothermia prevention by retaining up to 90% body heat while the gold reflective foil is used for visibility to ensure safety.

FUNCTIONAL (Gold + Silver):  The silver side of mylar helps with insulation as it is often used to prevent hypothermia since it retains up to 90% of the user’s body heat. The gold side is used to deflect heat and used for safety purposes such as visibility.

TAKE ONE WHEREVER YOU GO: Each mylar blanket is small and compact measuring only 3″ x 5″ when folded. The survival blanket is the perfect size to pack for any go bag, marathon equipment, survival bag, emergency first-aid kit, camping gear bag, and have found themselves to be part of every family travel kit

100% RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our goal at STOÏK’D is to provide you high-quality outdoor gear. If you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund.