STOÏK’D kick-starts February with a month-long contest giving away its premium emergency thermal blankets.

Vancouver, Canada, February 08, 2017 — Come celebrate the outdoor lifestyle brand launch, STOÏK’D is giving away one emergency blanket pack to one lucky contestant every single day for the entire month of February. Each winner will receive 8 emergency blankets that are individually packed for convenient storage. These blankets are a perfect to bring to any outdoor adventures and are a must-have for any emergency survival kit.

“I sincerely hope that the need for these blankets never arises for our winners but it is good to keep them handy in case of emergencies. There are 8 blankets included the pack and I encourage all winners to share the blankets with their loved ones,” said STOÏK’D founder John Stokd.

The contest started last February 1, 2017 and will go on until the end of the month. Each contestant has a chance to win every day. There are four ways to get entries for the contest: joining STOÏK’D’s exclusive VIP mailing list, visiting STOÏK’D’s Facebook page, visiting STOÏK’D’s Instagram page, and referring friends.
For more information, please feel free to visit the STOÏK’D Facebook page.

About STOÏK’D Co.
STOÏK’D Co. is an outdoor lifestyle brand based in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 2016, the brand is focused on improving outdoor-living by offering sustainable and versatile products. STOÏK’D Co. is dedicated to helping its users achieve the ultimate outdoor lifestyle.