Vancouver, B.C., February 2017 – STOÏK’D announces the launch of their insulated mylar blankets for sale at These blankets were initially developed for the US space exploration program in collaboration with NASA in 1964. They are capable of returning up to 90% of a person’s body heat due to its insulating properties. Capable of preventing both evaporative and convective heat loss, emergency blankets are very effective at preventing hypothermia. These blankets have slowly become a must-have for any emergency car, survival or outdoor kit.

Aside from its insulating capabilities, these emergency blankets also have an amplitude of other uses due to its waterproof and windproof material. Some of the common non-emergency uses for these blankets are but not limited to: water gathering, making a rain shelter, waterproofing, using it as a heat reflector and as cordage. These blankets are pocket-size and lightweight making it convenient to carry around or store in the car.

“No one thinks they’ll ever be in an emergency situation, but if it does happen, being prepared with the proper knowledge and accessories could mean the difference between life and death” said founder and outdoor enthusiast, John Stokd. To help one be prepared for any kind of situation, STOÏK’D is bundling their emergency blankets in individual packs of eight so it can easily be shared with family and friends.

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